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How Did That Happen? Part 1 B/G fic

Title: How Did That Happen?
Chapter: 1/?
Author: astarte lydianna
Rating: M
Season: Mid Season 4 with a couple of tweeks
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the fandom or characters or anything else recognisable and make no money from this.
Summary: When hiding out from Adam the gang play a game which brings a wrong new element to Buffy and Giles' views on each other.

Author's Notes: Just a quick note to say I have tweeked a few bits and Oz is still around in this just because he is. Hope you enjoy.

Part 1 - Passing the time

“Xander how can you not know anything about me?” Anya frowned. “That’s it our relationship is doomed, you’re leaving me is that it?”

“Anya I wouldn’t get too worried over a couple of questions, although I thought he would have at least asked you when your birthday was.” Willow said, trying to calm the ex-demon’s panic.

“That game is a load of doohicky, I could answer most of those questions about Giles!” Buffy added, glancing over at the pair of couples on the bed.

“Really?” Anya asked hopefully. “You think it’s just all fake?”

“Sure, look.” Buffy hopped up and lifted a card from the pile. “Does your partner prefer summer or winter? Easy, winter...but you know English winter not Sunnydale winter.”

“Giles?” Willow asked, looking at him for confirmation. The watchers brow furrowed for a moment before he sat up from the inflatable chair.

“That’s actually correct.” He replied.

“See.” Buffy told Anya.

“That’s a neat trick Buffy, do it again.” Xander said. Buffy shrugged and picked up another couple of cards.

“What about you most annoys your partner? That’d be my taste in music. Does your partner have any tattoos or piercings? Yes, both. Don’t think I didn’t notice that you still have a hole in your ear Giles.” She dropped the cards on the board and picked up another couple. “How does your partner take their coffee? Black with one sugar, but usually it’s tea with a tiny bit of milk and half a teaspoon of sugar. Hey Giles, we should play, I could totally win this game!”

“I’m not sure whether this is impressive of disturbing.” Oz commented dryly.

“I actually was thinking along the same lines.” Giles murmured, getting up and making his way over to the game.

“Come on Giles, let’s beat these guys. I never get to win board games.” She pleaded.

“Oh very well, but I’ll warn you now if you expect me to know the names of any fashion labels or hip boy bands that you like you will be sorely disappointed.” He relented, sliding to the floor on a cushion next to the bed and leaning against the wall.

“Alright so if we let Buffy and Giles count all the questions she just got right as points then that will catch them up to about where we are now so that makes it my go next.” Willow said, picking up a card. “Would your partner prefer a backpacking holiday or a stay in a luxury hotel? Ooooo tough call...I mean I’m thinking you’d like a bit of free luxury but...Ok I’m going to say backpack.”

“Oz lifted up the paper he’d written on to show everyone he had indeed written backpacking and Willow beamed as she moved their piece on the board. It was Anya’s turn next which she also got correct and then it was Giles’ turn. Buffy passed him the card without reading it first.

“Buffy you need to write down your answer too so we know you’re not cheating.” Anya said quickly.

“Does your partner prefer Christmas or Halloween?” Giles read. “Well that’s hardly difficult given the history, Christmas.” Buffy grinned and lifted her paper to show everyone she’d also written Christmas.

“See Giles, we are so going to win!” she exclaimed in excitement. By the time it got around to Buffy and Giles’ turn again Oz had gotten his question correct and Xander had gotten his wrong.

“When did your partner lose their virginity? Oh!” she flushed a little at that and sent an apologetic look to Giles. “You’ve got to write it down Giles.” She prompted.

“Oh bloody hell.” He muttered, writing on the paper.

“Fifteen.” She said when he’d finished. “You can blame that one on Ethan.”

“Giles!” Willow gasped. “That’s-That’s...”

“Yes well the laws are somewhat different in England than here and more to the point I was young and I’m sure it must be your turn now.” He said looking slightly flustered. The game continued and the next few questions were straightforward and not embarrassing.

“Oh! I know this one! Brie!” Xander shouted in excitement. Anya grinned widely at him and confirmed that he was correct. Buffy reached for her next card.

“What body part of yours does your partner find most attractive physically?” she read. “ am I supposed to answer that?”

“Hey he’s a man, there’s only so many places to guess.” Xander spoke up, earning a smack around the head from Anya.

“I doubt Giles has ever thought of Buffy that way.” Willow commented.

“I thought of a solution.” Buffy said abruptly standing up from the bed. She stood on the floor in front of Giles and did a twirl. “Turn your brain off and pick a part, then I’ll just guess what you put.”

“I really think that-”

“No, no thinking just do it.” She interrupted, hopping back onto the bed after another twirl. “I’m going to guess the ass because let’s face it I’m not exactly cleavage girl.”

“Wrong.” Giles said.

“Oh they finally got one wrong!” Anya said excitedly. “Take a consequence card Buffy! They’re actually rather fun.”

“Consequence card?” she asked looking confused.

“Oh...yeah those.” Willow replied awkwardly gesturing to the other smaller stack of cards.

“Sit on your partners lap facing your partner until your next turn.” She read. “Embarrassing much.”

“Well I guess that’s why it’s designed for couples.” Willow shrugged.

“No one ever accuse me of being a fraidy cat.” Buffy said determinedly, getting of the bed and sitting herself on Giles’ lap. He immediately began spluttering indignantly but no actual words came out.

“Facing him Buffy.” Xander added with a grin. “I so wish I had a camera right now.”

“Sorry.” She told her watcher, as she shuffled so that she sat sideways across his legs and turned her torso to face him. “But think of it this way we’re still winning.”

“You didn’t want to tell her that she could refuse?” Oz asked.

“I what?” Buffy asked spinning to look at Willow.

“If you don’t want to do the consequence you just move your piece back a square.” Willow told her. “But since you already did it you may as well...”

“Yeah, yeah.” The blonde huffed turning back to face Giles.

“Are you done having fun yet?” he asked her quietly as the others took their turns.

“Nope, I told you I want to win. I never win games and I might actually win this one...well I suppose that would be we would win it but still, half me so still a yay win.” She replied. “It’s not that bad Giles, that’s the first question either of us have got wrong. What did you put by the way?”

“W-well, legs actually.” He replied awkwardly.

“Oh.” She replied not really sure what to say. She took her time observing him close up while she sat on his lap until it was his turn. He was really rather warm and comfortable to sit on now that she thought about it, it wasn’t overly awkward either. How strange.

“Oh, if I have to wait for my turn someone needs to pass Giles a card.” She spoke up. “And my paper and pencil is up there too.”

“How many previous sexual partners has your partner had?” he read.

“Easy one, especially since life of Buffy turns into some kind of soap opera for all to witness.” She replied writing on her paper.

“I believe three.” He replied. She nodded and waved her piece of paper for the others to see.

“Buffy you hussy.” Willow grinned. They once again waited their turn.

“Did you ever do this kind of thing when you were younger and crazier?” she asked him.

“Not really, it was more...borrowing cars and picking up young women in them. Not very sophisticated and very to the point.” He replied. “My past isn’t something I’m proud of Buffy you know that.”

“It doesn’t bother me Giles. I like the you, you are now. A bit less stuffy than when you first became my watcher and a bit less crazy than you were when you were a teenager. Perfect in the middle Giles.” She grinned.

When it was finally Buffy’s turn to take a card she almost felt sorry to get up off of Giles’ lap. She was so warm that it felt a little chilly when she moved.

The next couple of turns were easy enough and Buffy and Giles found themselves very close to winning the game when Buffy came to a question she didn't know the answer to.

"What is the most adventurous thing your partner has done in bed?" she read. "If the police car was any indication I don't think I have enough imagination to even guess."

"G-man Im impressed!" Xander cheered.

"A police car is pretty cool." Oz commented.

"I-I...I think we can safely assume we wont be getting any points this turn." Giles spluttered.

"Alright, Buffy consequence or back a space?" Xander asked.

"Consequence." she nodded.

"Are you bloody mad woman?" Giles asked.

"Hey we are two spaces from winning I am not going backwards, unless its something really really bad." she said. "At least let me look at the card." she lifted a card and read it out. "List three top moments when you've thought your partner looked especially sexy. Three moments when Ive thought Giles is sexy...Oh! I know!"

"Singing Giles." Anya spoke up.

"I wasn't there for that but that leads me to sexy moment number one, chainsaw Giles. All macho with the power tools and coming to the rescue, sexy." she grinned.

"I don't believe Im hearing this." the watcher sighed and dropped his head back against the wall.

"Come on Giles you're not that old, do you really think none of us have ever thought you were sexy even just for a second?" Willow asked.

"Actually no I didn't. Im old enough to be your father." he replied bluntly.

"But you're not." Anya replied.

"Anya!" Xander protested.

"Well he isn't. And he has big muscular arms like you, what's not sexy about that?" Anya asked looking genuinely confused.

"Oh good one! Band Candy Giles, not necessarily the unrestrained arrogant Giles but the clothes made for good muscle ooglong, that's two." Buffy said. "This is fun what else?...Oh there was that time that...does everyone in the room have to hear this?"

"Yeah its supposed to be embarrassing hence the consequence." Willow nodded.

"Well um what about that time in training when I accidently ripped off your shirt? Yeah, then. Topless guy with sword, what's not to like?" she finished lamely feeling a bit embarrassed. " um whose turn next?"

"Mine." Willow said taking a card. Buffy looked around the room, anywhere but at the older man behind her until it was his turn and she passed him a card.

"You is your partners favourite dessert? Well the possibilities are pretty endless there." he murmured. "I'll have to go for mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate sauce."

"Good one Giles!" Buffy beamed holding up her paper. "One more right answer and we win!"

"Its actually shocking how much these two know about each other." Xander commented.

"I know, and they're not even a couple. Its wrong." Anya pouted.

"Thank you Anya." Giles murmured.

"No not wrong as in you being a couple is wrong its wrong that you're not a couple and you're winning. I like to win." the ex-demon explained.

"What's the longest relationship your partner has ever had?" Buffy read. "I-um...a year?"

"Sorry Buffy." Giles shrugged. She got off the bed and moved to look at his paper.

"Four months? Giles how is that possible, even Ive had longer relationships than you and Im the doomed relationships one here." she frowned.

"Even Xander's had a longer relationship than that." Willow said in disbelief.

"Thank you very much, you have no idea how much it thrills me that Xander of all people has had more romantic success than me but in case you didn't notice I was raised to be a watcher and watchers tend not to have families, families get hurt." he replied tensely.

"That's my fault." Buffy said quietly.

"No Buffy it isn't, you didn't make me a watcher." he told her firmly. She meant over an picked up a card.

"Remove a piece of your partners clothing." she read. "Giles? Please?"

"Jumper." he said rolling his eyes and reaching for the hem of it.

"Hey, she has to take it off not you." Xander protested. "Way too much funny watching you squirm!"

Buffy knelt in front of where her watcher was sat and moved her hands to his sweater before tugging it up. She leant into him as she tugged it over his head and off of his arms. She met his eyes and for a moment she couldn't look away. He seemed to be looking for something and she wasn't sure what it was. It was only when she blinked and pulled back suddenly that she realised the others were still playing and hadn't even noticed their awkward moment. Before long she passed Giles another card and prayed that it would be easy so that they would win.

"Where was yours and your partners first kiss?" he read. "Does this mean I have to take one of those other ridiculous cards?"

"No." Buffy said quickly. She spun around and leant down quickly pressing her lips against his in a chaste kiss. She quickly wrote on a piece of paper and waited for Giles to answer the question. "Giles!"

"Oh, yes of course. It would seem it was here." he replied. Buffy waved her paper and moved the piece on the board before bouncing around with excitement.

"I win! Giles we won!" she grinned.

"I don't like this game." Anya said.

Chapter 2#
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